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We fulfill our customers’ graphite and carbon needs via a wide portfolio of products and services, produced solely for their application.

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Our team reacts rapidly to meet customers’ requests. Our Ohio and Arizona facilities are conveniently located to handle projects from coast to coast, including China.

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Because we are employee owned and our wide range of products and processing capabilities are provided by a team that is invested in your success.

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Graphite Sales, Inc. is centrally located in Ohio to service your graphite and carbon needs. We provide graphite and carbon products to a variety of industries including the steel, aluminum, chemical, silica, silicon carbide, silicon nitride, heat treating, diamond tooling, and automotive industries, to name only a few. Graphite Sales, Inc. is a fully integrated graphite specially machining and processing company. Our portfolio of products and capabilities include the following:

Graphite & Carbon Machining

Graphite & Carbon Machining

We have a centrally located machine shop to service your graphite and carbon machining needs. We are equipped with the latest in CNC machining center capabilities. We also have the ability to handle and machine large carbon based products.

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Graphite & Carbon Grains & Flours

Graphite & Carbon Grains & Flours

Providing custom crushed carbon and graphite granules, milled powder, or flour to exact customer specifications. With an ultra-fine grinding system, we can process customer supplied materials into products as fine as talcum powder.

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Graphite blocks & rounds

Graphite Blocks & Rounds

Manufacturing a complete line of specialty carbon and graphite cylindrical and rectangular blocks. Also available are a wide selection of industry leading grades of material.

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Graphite UHP & HP electrodes

Graphite UHP & HP Electrodes

Providing graphite electrodes for application in electric arc furnaces. Typical grades are UHP and HP with sizes ranging from 16” to 30” in diameter. We have the capability at our Nova, Ohio facility to re-machine your broken electrodes.

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