Graphite Sales, Inc., an ESOP Company

Founded in 1971, our primary activity was the recycling of broken graphite EAF (electric arc furnace) electrodes.

Our innovation of re-machining broken electrodes into smaller reusable ones was a first for the graphite industry. By refurbishing instead of replacing, our process allows us to re-employ the raw materials and their latent energy without the polluting effects of the original graphite manufacturing process. This creative advance made Graphite Sales, Inc. a leader in green environmentally friendly products. The re-machining of broken graphite electrodes has become a standard practice in today’s iron and steel industry.

George Hanna, the founder of Graphite Sales, Inc. and innovator of the re-machined electrode, has expanded the business into a fully integrated graphite company. While Graphite Sales, Inc. continues to provide re-machined graphite electrodes, our product offering has widened to now include the following:

Graphite Sales, Inc. has its corporate headquarters and manufacturing plant in Nova, Ohio.