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Graphite & Carbon Machining

Graphite Sales, Inc. is centrally located in the U.S. to service your graphite and carbon machining needs.

We are equipped with CNC milling and lathe centers as well as band saw and carbon saw cutting equipment. We are able to receive your AutoCad drawings electronically. Graphite Sales, Inc. can also provide AutoCad drawing services for you. Graphite Sales, Inc. warehouses a large inventory.

Graphite Sales, Inc. custom fabricates parts for the following applications:

  • Crucibles Parts: melting, reduction, slag reduction, sampling
  • Aluminum Processing: sidewalls, extrusion guides, run out tables, canister discs & blanks
  • Boats, Trays & Chills: heat treating, sintering, sand molds
  • Furnace Parts: induction, vacuum, fixtures, plates, rails, elements, spacers, carbon/carbon components, heating rods, holders, contacts
  • Glass Handling: carbon/carbon parts: take-out inserts, lehr bar applications, guides, plates, pusher bars, stacker pads, dead plates
  • Molds: thermal welding, hot pressing, fused refractories, castings

Graphite & Carbon Machining

Call our sales staff at 440.543.8221 or request a quote to see how we can help you solve your carbon and graphite needs.