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We Purchase Your Used Graphite.

Recycling: We Buy GraphiteGraphite Sales, Inc. is America's largest recycler of graphite and carbon materials. We commenced business in 1971 by purchasing broken graphite electrodes from steel mills that employed electric arc furnaces and re-machining them into smaller usable sizes. Today we recycle all types of graphite and carbon materials. Graphite Sales, Inc. segregates all materials by chemistry and then re-processes by machining into specific components or crushing and sizing into useful granular products for the steel and foundry industries. We now purchase used synthetic graphite from all industries that utilize graphite and carbon raw materials in their processes.

If you have or generate truckload quantities (ie. 40,000 lbs.) of graphite or carbon by-products from your process, Graphite Sales, Inc. is interested in purchasing those materials from you. For LTL (less than truckload) quantities contained in Gaylord boxes, bulk storage containers or steel drums, GSI will not purchase, but will accept as scrap at your cost to ship to our Nova, OH plant location. To sell your truckload quantities of graphite and carbon by-products please call 419-652-3388 and ask our Purchasing Manager for a quote.